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VR6 Bottle Opener  –  $5

The VR6 motor platform from VW has been iconic since its release. Due to its unique cylinder layout and incredible sound, many enthusiasts have stuck with it since they first heard it or experienced its incredible torque. That’s why here at Zealous we decided to keep the VR6 close to you at all times. These bottle openers also double as a keychain, making those long nights in the garage or just good times with friends a blast.

Made from Stainless Steel 316/316L, the same material as most food safe cookware.

All are deburred to break all sharp edges and ensure a safe product during operation.

SwoopsBUILT CAE Firewall Bulkheads –  $125.00

These aluminum bulkheads secure to the firewall offering a much smoother transition for CAE shifter cables to pass through. (2) 0.875″ holes will need to be drilled (or for existing applications the holes will need to be stepped up to 0.875″) for the male side to fit through the firewall. No special tools are required otherwise to install the bulkheads.  The CAE cables fit snugly through once the heat shielding on the cables has been removed.  It can be cut to length and reinstalled once the cables have passed through the bulkheads.  Overall Size: Diameter: 1.25”, Length: 5/8”               

*Made in the USA*

SwoopsBUILT Beauty Washers (10 Pack)
$16.50 – $49.00

  • Sold in 10 packs
  • Material: Aluminum 6061-T6
  • M6 Socket Head Cap Screw Fitment
  • Optional 10 pack Stainless Steel bolts
  • Overall Size:
    • Small: 13mm Outside Diameter, 7.7mm height
    • Large: 19mm Outside Diameter, 7.7mm height
  • Made 100% in the USA, including raw material!

SwoopsBUILT Beauty Washers Kits

When the details matter Zealous Manufacturing understands! Teaming up with SwoopsBUILT we have built beauty washer/ dress-up kits to make the small details match the big details.

Select your chassis/engine  platform and choose the kits you want! Want to see beauty washers for an application not seen below…..WE CAN HELP!

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